Simple Card - Spritz Edition

So, for a long time I loved this style of card and felt I couldn't do it, it's too complicated, I'm not that good at colouring and inking... and really just avoided it for a while lol. But I can let you in to a secret... This is probably one of the easiest cards I have made in years!! So easy, so fun, so simple!

So we need -

A selection of Airless Misters - Airless Misters | Craftmania ( Dragonfly stamp - Dragonfly Delight - A6 Clear Stamp | Craftmania ( Bird Stamp - Follow Your Dreams - A6 Clear Stamp | Craftmania ( Stencil - Sunscreen - 6"x6" Mask | Craftmania ( Ink - Nocturne - Versafine Clair | Craftmania ( Waterbrush - Waterbrush | Craftmania ( Card

So to start with for this card we are going to take a 7"x7" piece of card (I have used Bright white on the original card, for this little example I have used Coconut White) Now just lay your stencil on top of the card, in the centre

Grab your misters and get misting!

Amber Lights -

Add on some Green Galore

Then a little addition of Cherry Pop..

Lastly, a splash of Bermuda Blue

Now you can leave it as is and it will dry as you see it... but for a different effect I have taken a sheet of copier paper and placed it over the top..

given it a good rub.. and remove.. this will blend and soften the inks in to this background...

Now we can build up our panel...

So first up we are going to take our dragonfly stamp

For this project we are only going to use the flowers at the top and bottom of the scene.

Now working around the edge of the panel I have added in a few flowers..

Using the branch that comes with the lovely bird stamp... Follow Your Dreams - A6 Clear Stamp | Craftmania ( add in some more details. Now you'll notice I have been using a a clear stamp block up till now, for the main feature of the bird I will use my stamp press... I know that way if it doesn't stamp brilliantly I can re-apply with no hassle, with the branches and flowers up till now if I miss a little area I haven't been too concerned... but the main focal needs to be perfect :)


Now using my Airless misters I am going to spray out the same colours on to a tile and get painting in the details..

Completed version...

Now a few more versions done in a very similar way...

I really hope this post gives you the confidence to go and get inky, and if like me this was something you were a little intimidated by... Please do share with us your versions on our pages... (9) Craftmania Creations & Shares! | Facebook (9) Jamie Rodgers Crafts | Facebook Good Luck

Jamie -x-

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