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Sweet Dixie Spotlight - 'Hoot' By Lynn Lewis

Sweet Dixie Spotlight - 'Hoot' By Lynn Lewis | Craftmania

Everyone loves an owl and Sweet Dixie’s Owl and Branch Craft Die is quite lovely.

▪️So let’s start by cutting out four times using Maya card in colours - Light Brown, Brown, Cream and Moss Green.

Don't discard any of the owl pieces as you are die cutting.

▪️Using the 'branch' dies that come with the set - cut these out of Moss Green and Antique Green card.

▪️Next, cut out a square in white, using Sue Wilson's Noble Pierced Square Die Set. (You need the one that measures 9cm x 9cm when cut out). Create another in Dark Green with the die which is next size up.

▪️Now you can make up your owl - firstly, stick your white and green Noble Pierced Squares together, and then take the 'light brown owl' and cut off the leaf branches from the sides. Stick him onto the squares.

▪️Now paper piece him by using bits from the others.

(You can either do it like as seen in mine or have a change around, it’s up to you).

If you're careful you could probably make up more than one.

▪️Add in the branches once you are happy.

▪️Next you need your Sweet Dixie Die -Hearts and Flowers Edge Craft Die Set.

Cut four of these in Dark Green, and some additional ones in colours of your choice.

To cut the flowers I again used Maya Card -

Cut 5 more in Pale Pink, Pale Orange, Sun Yellow, Lilac and Red.

(I don't waste any of my excess card, as they will be used for something else...

▪️Now take a 8x8 White Card Blank...

Using Craftmania's Marbled Cloud Paper, cut out the large Noble Pierced Square and adhere this to your card blank. Then cut the top flowers out of the Green edge pieces and set these aside.

▪️Now take the green edge pieces and stick these around the card (as seen). You might want to use a ruler at this point to centre them. That is what the green flower you cut out is for - to cover the pencil marks lol.

▪️Carefully cut the coloured flowers from the other edge pieces and stick these all around (as seen in my photo) not forgetting the green ones on the edge. When you're happy, stick your Owl panel onto the centre of the card using foam pads.

▪️To finish, I used Jamie Rodger Sentiments Collection Die Set - Essentials 2 “Happy Birthday." I cut this in Dark Green and to back it, I used the technique of drawing around the die facing upwards on Moss Green card. Then I fussy cut using Vaessen Creative Tweezer Scissors.

Turn it over, and stick your sentiment on it, then place this on foam pads as seen.

▪️Lastly, place pearls in the flower centres. Don’t forget you need two black ones for your owls eyes :-)


I hope you are enjoying these lovely dies so far.... they are perfect for those of you who prefer to paper craft without the messy stuff, or if you just want to relax in front of the TV and paper piece on your lap.

Until next time....

Lynn x

Ps - please don't forget to share your creations with us on our Facebook Group, we would love to see what you create! - Create With Craftmania and Jamie Rodgers | Facebook

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