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Top Tip - Colour Placement...

Often I get asked about how I create my cards and what factors do I consider, how do I pick what matts & layers to use.. and when is enough enough lol.. Well I am sure I can say in complete honesty I don't love all the cards I make and I'm sure you won't love every card I make either.. but I do have a little rule I like to follow that I find can keep me on track a little and sometimes makes me realise why I don't like one card as much as another. Now this rule I break... OFTEN!... so please don't feel its the law.. its just a hint that might help.

Putting your colour in 3 places... Often If I don't like a card it's because an element is screaming out at me as if it doesn't belong... a bright yellow flower, or a pink butterfly.. that on an otherwise non yellow or pink card looks somewhat out of place. So to me the answer is placing that colour in 3 locations... now this rule especially goes out the window if the colour is a main piece... If I have a panel taking up half my card (or more) I probably don't need that colour anywhere else.. it is grounded in its own right and belongs as its the cement holding it all together. I have rambled enough... lets look at some samples... So with this card you can see... Yellow is in 3 locations... both sets of flowers & the main panel... Pink is in the layers, the flower and original colour of the die cut. Green - Layers, Leaves, Behind the die cut. So to me although this a bright card... it all sort of works... the only bit I wonder why is the red heart! And this sort of shows my point.. where did that red come from and why is it here! (I will forgive it, but maybe I should have left this one pink)

This card backs up my main focal point thought... because the main panel has so much of that beautiful pink on it, I don't mind the fact the 2nd hint of pink ( the ribbon) is so subtle. The pink wording brings in the 3rd location. Looking back I could/should have done the body of the butterfly in pink to match. but I'm happy with this.

You will also notice even though we have lots of soft whites and creams running through this card, even the ivory appears in two layers and behind the filigree die cut to make its appearance 3 times.

With this one the gold is the colour I wanted to point out... sometimes the 3 places only need to be subtle, so you'll notice it sneaks in on 2 layers and the bodies of the butterflies.

Sometimes, like with this card I don't think it hurts if the colour isn't exactly the same but in the same wheel house.. for instance the green leaves that have been painted co-ordinate nicely with the die cut leaves. The pink you will notice has found its 3 places in the layers, the circle backing and the flowers.

Even on the simplest of cards i find this tip helps.. Black - Layer, Ribbon, Sentiment White - Card blank, layer, flowers

I hope this helps get you out of a jam at some point! if you keep looking at one of your cards and feeling something just isn't right... see if you can balance out that item. Jamie -x-

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