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Top Tip - Colouring Hack

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

So this weeks Monday Motivation Blog Post is a very short and sweet tip… (it’s been a crazy week at Craftmania HQ)

But this doesn’t detract from the benefit of this TOP TIP…

So often when I colour in die cuts I tend to pop an inexpensive sheet of copier paper under the die cut.. and proceed to colour away…

Once I've finished I tend to remove it and spot lots of edges to the cut that haven’t yet been coloured as they have blended in to the copier paper below.

So I know this is possibly common sense… but it took me a while to land on this idea… lol

place a spare piece of black card under your die cut… then when you colour any missed bits the edges will boldly stand out.

I hope this is a little tip that you find handy

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