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Top Tip - Foam Pad Edition - Glitter & Flakes!

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Foam tape can be one of my favourite quick card focal points! I know normally we use it to give depth to the topper, layers etc.. but it has a certain drama to it that can make a card look fun and interesting without too much work.

So for this top tip I have placed several strips somewhat diagonally on a sheet of black card.

I am going to remove every other strip and place on some Harvest Moon gilding flakes. - Gilding Flakes | Craftmania (

Using an applicator sponge I am going to remove the excess and burnish the flakes on to the exposed tape. Sponge Applicator 6pk | Craftmania (

Now remove the cover from the lines in the middle. And repeat the process with Aurora Flakes - Aurora Flakes | Craftmania (

Remove the excess and reveal our rather lovely background...

I could see a matt and layer (maybe with some gold mirror card added in) a sentiment and a flower maybe and this card could be done! might also make a rather dramatic mans card or could come in handy for Christmas! I have chosen the Golden Onyx Aurora flakes as they have that lovely black that matches my background card, but with over 40 different colours of gilding/Aurora flakes and several hundred colours of glitters... you could create this in many different formats easily.

If you are working through our Top Tip posts you may have seen the mitred corner post already, these two tips go hand in hand..

Another option we have is to actually add the flakes to the roll of foam tape before even putting the tape on to our work... This can work really well too!

Don't forget foam tape comes in different widths & heights!

Play around with stepping up your depth on each strip to create even more texture & depth.

Try sprinkling on glitter lightly before adding on the flakes to have glittery metallic strips! Use in conjunction with our 'How to cut foam tape easily' top tip... to create really fine borders too! I hope you enjoy this tip! Couple of finished samples for ideas...

This one is created with different widths of - Ultra Sticky Red Liner tape!

Different depths of foam tape - 1mm & 3mm

If you need Foam Tape you can find it here - Glues & Sticky Bits | Craftmania ( Jamie -x- Update... So I couldn't leave that 5 strip panel alone! So I decided to more sets of 5 strips on to the panel to create a full background panel...

If I did this again I would possibly place my lines a little better... but hopefully this gives you the idea of how you can take just foam tape & flakes and build a background!

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