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Top Tip - Foam Tape Edition - How to cut it down easily.

Ok, so many of my top tips I feel might be things that most call common sense lol... this is another one of them moments.

So I often create frames using nesting dies that are only a few millilitres thick and I want to add foam tape to them to give them depth, I'm not such a fan of using the foam squares as you see them through the sides, and they don't offer as much support... so out comes the foam roll... now I know thin foam roll is now available, but if you are like me, the times I want this and find I've run is out is endless... (I suppose my top tip could just be to buy more foam tape at a time lol).

So the tip.. When You take the covering off of your self adhesive sheets (A4) keep them! These are a brilliant non-stick surface! I use them for all sorts, I even have one taped on to an old cutting plate from a machine from yesteryear that I keep by my side to put things on when I have taken the tape off and decide I want to do something else before I put it on, I also use this on TV a lot to save you watching me taking off tape lids lol. pop lines of your foam tape on to the sheets and then you can cut them with scissors or a guillotine without any fuss of the scissors sticking or clogging up with the foam.. even my non-stick scissors aren't a fan of trying to cut 12mm foam tape in to 3mm 12" strips lol. On a guillotine I find I can get up to 4 strips out of one 12mm piece easily, not only does it save me money it helps out an awful lot!

If you need foam Tape you can find it here - Glues & Sticky Bits | Craftmania ( Jamie -x-

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