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Top Tip - Layering your Die Cuts

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

So, for many years I have struggled to layer die cut words to line them up perfectly.... then it hit me, like a ton of bricks!

1 - Cut your die, and remove it from the die.

2 - Cut the die again, but leave it in the die.

3 - Take the first cut, apply a small amount of glue and layer it on to the 2nd cut inside the die, the cutting blades of the die will create walls that you can align your 1st die cut perfectly.

4 - Once stuck down, remove from the die to reveal a stronger, more dimensional die cut.

If you wish to, depending on the GSM of your card, you may be able to layer 3 or even 4 cuts in the same process to give a real chipboard effect to your die cut. Don't forget to rinse your die under warm water if needed to remove any glue. This tip is especially helpful for the times you wish for your die cuts to hang over the edge of your cards, but obviously you don't want them getting damaged...

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Jamie x

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