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Hand Picked By Jamie ~ October Bundle - Dragonfly Dance By Ian Rump-Smith

Dragonfly Dance By Ian Rump-Smith - October Hand Picked By Jamie | Craftmania

Happy Wednesday Crafters...

And welcome to October.... eek!!!!

The leaves are gradually changing on the trees, and we are slipping into Autumn, but wow how nice was the weekend!

So if you've been following us over the last few days, you will have seen that this month's

Hand Picked By Jamie Bundle was an immediate sellout....

We were however, super lucky, as Craftmania managed to secure a little more stock, so if there are any left at the time you are reading this, then don't hang around :-)

The Bundle includes four fantastic Sue Wilson dies, a Phill Martin stamp set and a pack of 12 sheets of beautiful parchment card.

You can check out all the products in this Bundle, and also all the products I've used in my project today in the Shopping List at the bottom of this page.

So for my first card this month, like Lynn, I could not resist using the beautiful Sue Wilson's Triple Layer Dragonfly included in the Bundle! It has so many uses, so you may see it featuring in a few of our projects.

Ok, so I started with a 7x7 card blank as my base, and used a Corner Punch to round all four of the corners.

For the next step, I took Sue Wilson's Noble Round Square Corner Nesting Die Set.

Using the largest die, I cut one mat in silver mirror card, and then I used the next die down to cut the Light Blue Parchment Card, and also another one in white card.

Here I then took my parchment die cut, along with my Distress Oxide Ink Pads - Salty Ocean and using a Blending Brush, I shaded some ink over it in the aim of giving it a 'sky' like appearance.

Now this is a new one for me, but it really is cool......

Take your Triple Layer Dragonfly Die and your square cut in the Light Blue Parchment Card.

Using the negative part of the Dragonfly die (the middle die), position randomly and cut out three times in the parchment square.

Leave a space in the top right hand corner, as this is where your sentiment with be placed a little later.

Now it's time for some fun and to get messy using the best product in crafting world for me -

Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powders! I just love working with them and nothing is ever the same!

  • WORKING AREA - As mentioned in my previous Blog Posts, you may know that I use a glass craft mat for my mixed media projects. Although this is my personal preference, I know Jamie likes to use a baking tray as it captures the ink and can be easily cleaned afterwards.

To begin with, take your white die cut and lightly mist the back with water using your Woodware EasyMist Spray Bottle OR Woodware Spray Bottle, and lay down on the glass mat.

Now spray the card again on the top, but with a little more water than the back.

Take your Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Burst - Making Waves and tap the powder all over the card, adding more water or powder as needed to give you the coverage.

To get the best results, set aside somewhere warm to allow it to dry naturally as we have plenty to work on in the mean time. For those of you wondering, you can use a Heat Tool however this tends to blow the water around and the finish may not be the same...

  • TOP TIP - If you have heavy floods of colour then use a piece of kitchen towel very lightly to soak up the excess from your card.

Now, let's get back to making our dragonfly..... and this time, we will be using all three dies.

Using white 300gsm card, cut three squares the size of the outer die.

Using the top die, and cut one out in the white and set aside.

Time to get messy again with the Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Bursts - using the same process as above...

Using your Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Burst - Making Waves, colour one of your white squares and then cut out a dragonfly using the solid die.

For the last one, I used Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Sparkles - Peppermint Twist, and cut using the middle die.

  • TOP TIP - Use a Heat Tool to dry these squares so you can cut them immediately. If you haven't got one of these, then don't worry, you can let them dry naturally. You can have a cuppa whilst you wait :-)

Our little dragonfly can now be constructed using your Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue.

For anyone who has not used this product before, it goes on white as you apply it, and then dries clear and invisible to the eye!!

OK... are you ready for the last messy part with more Pixies? Let's go for it!

(Hopefully you are starting to see the magic, and why I love Pixies so much! )

Take a sheet of white card, and cut a long strip.

This time you will need Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Sparkles - Purple Affair - and you need to follow the exact same process as the ones before. Dry with a Heat Tool for speed if you can!!

Taking your Sue Wilson Petite Dianthus Flower Die Set, cut out four of each flower.

Here I have constructed them using a little glue, and also added between each of the petals.

Moving on to the finishing details...

Every card looks good with a sentiment, and Phill Martin's Bohemian Stamps are ideal for this card.

I chose "Just Be Your Unique Individual Self" as our dragonfly stands out from the others.

Stamp this onto white card and cut out. Mat and layer onto silver mirror card.

We are now at the final part of making this card, and yes it's construction time!

This has to be my favourite part, as you really see your card come ALIVE!!!!!

Using Woodware's Double Sided Tape, your first job is to stick down your silver mirror card panel onto your card base.

Next, take your 'blue Pixie panel' (making sure it is completely dry) and layer onto your silver mirror card. The do the same again, layering your blue parchment layer (with the negative cuts of the dragonfly) on top.

Now look and see how lovely the Pixie's pattern comes through :-)

Back to our sentiment now... using your glue, stick your sentiment in the top right hand corner, and then add your flowers around it. At this point, you can see it's really coming together... so let us now add the main feature of that beautiful dragonfly which you made earlier.

I placed mine just below the sentiment, as I felt it was the best place.

However, as always there are no rules, so you may choose to put yours in a different space.

I've used some Foam Pads on my dragonfly to give some height and dimension.

Now to add that little bit of sparkle....

As you will see from the photo below, I've added some gems to my four dragonflies.

You can use whatever you have in your stash, or you may want to try something new.

I've purposely used a different gem on my main dragonfly to the others, as I wanted to make it stand out from the crowd.. as they saying goes!!

I then used some Cosmic Shimmer 3D Pearl Accents in Decadent Teal inside the flower centres.

Dragonfly Dance By Ian Rump-Smith - Jamie Rodgers Blog | Craftmania

Your card is now complete!!!

If you have been inspired by this make, and decide to have a go at your own design, we would love you to share it with us on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers.

I have a very elegant card to share with you next week, so hopefully you will be able to join me..

I look forward to seeing you there!!

Ian x









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