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Hand Picked By Jamie ~ October Bundle - Regal Flight by Ian Rump-Smith

Regal Flight By Ian Rump-Smith - Jamie Rodgers Blog | Craftmania

Happy Wednesday Crafters!

Thank you for joining me today with my third installment; a card made using October's Hand Picked By Jamie Bundle.

How's your crafting going?

It has been non-stop for me - working on various projects including Christmas cards, and I've even done a stock check of my craft stash so I have stocked up for winter. (It took me a while lol).

However, I found it quite therapeutic and you also find things you've not used in a while...

So for this weeks' card I chose to do a non-occasion card design, so you could have any sentiment you wish.. Curious to what I mean?

Then let's begin.... and yes the dragonfly makes one final appearance.

As always, you can find the Shopping List for my project at the bottom of the page.

I wanted to make this card really stand out from the crowd, so I have chosen to use only FOUR colours.....

To begin with, a took a a sheet of A4 White Foundation Card and folded it in half (I used a bone folder to give it a nice clean crease). I like working with the size of a C5 card, as there's just enough area to work with.

Next I took one sheet of Gold Silk Mirror Card and a sheet of A4 Black Foundations Card to create my mat and layers on my card base (see photo below). will notice I use the Gold Silk Mirror Card a lot, but I just love it!

I measured these out, and then stuck the black and gold card down with my Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue, but you could also use Double Sided Tape if you wish.

  • Measurements - the gold card was 14.4cm x 21.5cm so this is your starting point.

For the next step, you will need your Creative Expressions Layering Background Elsa Die Set.

For this, I used a section from my Gold Silk Mirror Card which was left over from earlier, and cut out the background. (At this point, we don't need to measure anything out, as we will do this shortly).

For the top part of the frame, I used a sheet of Teal Foundations Card to cut out the die....

I do LOVE teal as it's such a rich and beautiful colour!!

Once you've cut this out, add some glue to the back of the top layer.

  • TOP TIP - For this (and for any intricate dies) I always use Woodware's Ultra Fine Tip Glue Applicator Bottles (as seen in my Shopping List). These are brilliant when you have a project where you need precision. With the fine nib, you are able to apply the glue to tiny areas!

Once you've applied the glue, put the die cut on top of the gold die cut, and wait for approximately 30 seconds for it to adhere. Now you can cut your border by cutting around the gold layer.

We are now already half way through making this card :-)

For the next part we need to apply the panel to the left hand side of the card.

Here I used Foam Tape to add some depth, and then I also added 12 gems for the extra bling!!

I chose teal gems to co-ordinate with my background, but black or gold works too.

I think even a row of all 3 colours would look good too (just an idea)....

Remember at the beginning I mentioned that the dragonfly makes another appearance?

Well it's time to get him back out....

So for this, you will need Sue Wilson's Triple Layer Dragonfly Die set, and you need to cut out three layers as follows :-

  • Bottom layer - Teal Foundations Card

  • Middle layer - Gold Silk Card

  • Top Layer - White Foundation Card

Cut these out and then glue together - once again using your Woodware Ultra Fine Tip Glue Applicator. Set this aside for now and let's make the sentiment.

Now for my sentiment - I am using Phil Martin Bohemian Sentiments stamps from October's Bundle.

I chose "Friends And Family Are Our Greatest Treasure."

I stamped this onto a piece of white card using black ink. I used my Versafine Onyx Black Ink Pad and a stamp block.

For the next step, you need to cut out your sentiment, layer it on to Gold Silk Card, and then cut it out leaving a thin border. Apply this to the top right of the card using Foam Tape.

Now for those of you who made my card last week, let's see who remembered to save the flourishes for todays' card :-)

If you didn't make it or save it, don't worry as you will now find out.....

To create our flourishes, you will need Sue Wilson's Roxy Frame And Tag Die set.

Using a piece of Gold Silk Card, run the solid layer section of the die through your machine.

Then using low tack tape / wash tape, attach the top layer of the die and run through your machine again.

Carefully pop the flourishes out of the die, and this time keep the main frame, as this can be used in next weeks card. (Did you get the slight hint it will be a Christmas card?)

We are nearly there....

The last item I used is Sue Wilson's Petite Dianthus Die set, from which I cut one of each flower out of my Gold Silk Card.

Again this is where your Woodware Ultra Fine Glue Applicator comes in to make your flowers and then apply the flourishes and flowers around the card. Use the photo below as your guide to help place them.

Around the sentiment and frame, I applied a small amount of glue to the back of the flourishes and tucked them in.

Now for the finishing touches.... add three small gems to the flowers and then using square foam pads, add the dragonfly to the panel as in the photo.

Now your regal card is complete!

Regal Flight By Ian Rump-Smith - October Hand Picked By Jamie | Craftmania

If you have been inspired by this make, and decide to have a go at your own design, we would love you to share it with us on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers.

Thanks again for taking time to read my blog, and I hope you are enjoying my makes.

Next week we won't be elegant or regal, but grunge so prepare to get dirty!

Have a great week guys and look forward to sharing my new make next Wednesday.

Ian x









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Wendy Walters
Wendy Walters
19 oct 2022

Lovely card Ian . Like the colour combination. You have now got my mind working on a card

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Contestando a

Thank you so much Wendy and I'm glad I have got your mind working overtime :)

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