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In The Frame Bundle ~ Thankful! By Lynn Lewis

In The Frame Bundle ~ Thankful! By Lynn Lewis | Craftmania Blog

Hi all.....

Today, I am bringing you my first creation made with the BRAND NEW - 'In the Frame' bundle. This bundle features papers, frames, card stock, ribbons & embellishments that have all been picked by Jamie to co-ordinate together at an incredible bundle price!

Bundle Price - £9.99

I kept this sheet of paper specifically for this frame because of how the flowers are on one side.

I thought they would look perfect on this frame and they really do look lovely :-)

So let’s see how we put this project together....

Step 1

▪️Take the pink lacey paper with the white flowers on it and place it over the frame, making sure the flowers are on the left and the bottom side facing you. Then stick it on the frame .

NOTE - There was a quote on this page which I specifically wanted to keep, so I cut it out before I stuck the rest around the frame, and set aside for another day (see my pictures).

▪️Now stick the rest around the frame, using a craft knife to trim corners and inside.

It might look a bit scruffy on the back but don’t worry.

Step 2

▪️Turn your frame round the right way before sticking the white pearls and gems around the inside frame. I glued mine individually - so I’ll leave that up to you!

Step 3

▪️From Jamies Rodgers Pierced Collection - cut out 2 of the Circles Mandala Die in white card, and 2 Fairies from the Fairy Wishes Die Set.

▪️Then from the Wings Of Wonder Collection - cut out 2 of the Grand Butterflies in white.

Then using the same pink paper from the first frame (which the daisies were cut from), cut out a set of the Cherry Blossoms and two of the bendy foliage branches also in white.

Step 4

▪️Take the two circles and mandala die cuts, and trim a bit off of each side in the centres.

NOTE - Try and match them up, but it doesn’t need to be perfect as they'll be covered up.

▪️Glue these edges together and then place it beneath the frame. Stick it to the sides at the back.

▪️Then taking the leftover bits of the pink lace paper, stick them onto the back.

(I patched mine on as I didn’t have a whole piece, however you don’t notice them. The bits that you do notice, I glued gems in the holes as seen and while writing this I've noticed one I've missed so I will probably put another Pearl in each inner corner).

Step 5

▪️Get the backing piece and stick Pale Pink Maya Card on the back, trimming around with a knife and then stick it on the back of the frame - pink sided out.

TIP - I used some bulldog clips to hold the frame together whilst it adhered (as you can see) and good old Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue.

Step 6

▪️Cut out the quote you want to use in the centre (or use the same as I have).

I chose this one because of colour which matched the flowers and the words were perfect.

▪️Take a scrap of lace from your stash and dye it using Distress Ink. Here I have used Victorian Velvet. I pressed the stamp pad onto my glass mat and then spritzed with some water.

I then dipped in my lace until I got the desired colour, before setting aside to dry.

▪️When ready, stick it to the quote with glue, and then stick a bit of card onto the back to make it more sturdy. Stick it into the centre of the frame.

Step 7

▪️Add some gems along the lace edge.

Step 8

▪️Take a piece of the thin organza ribbon and stick it onto the back of the frame.

To make a hanger, I used hot glue and stuck red liner tape over it then cover it all with some more pink card to tidy it up.

Step 9

Colouring the fairy and butterfly...

▪️I started with the butterflies using Victorian Velvet Distress Ink on the top and bottom ends.

I then blended in the middles with Tattered Rose (I also do the backs).

▪️Then taking one of the fairies, cut the dress and wings away neatly (as seen in the pictures).

Colour the wings and dress then cut down one and the other. I did the opposite to the butterflies using Tattered Rose on the top and bottom and the Victorian Velvet to blend the middles and again do the backs of each of the wings.

▪️For the legs, arms and face, I mixed Picket Fence and Spun Sugar Inks together with water and painted it on. I used Old Paper Distress Ink with water for her hair.

▪️Then stick the dress and wing set onto the whole one, and attach the butterfly wings by the centre body - but cut the head off the bottom one.

Step 10

▪️Using Cosmic Shimmer Twinkles again -this time I selected Graceful Pink.

I went around the Butterfly and fairy wings; highlighting the fairy dress plus the little flower she’s holding, including all the body of the top butterfly.

Step 11

▪️Now I have a thing about winged critters...... I always want to back them with something!!

This time I used a fusible film from my stash (but cellophane will do the job as well), or you can leave them as they are. It's just a thing I need to do lol.

When happy stick these onto the the frame's centre piece with foam pads.

Step 12

▪️To finish, stick the Cherry Blossom flower in the top corner with the white foliage.

Touch the flower up with the same Twinkles, but put Aurora on the leaf stems along with some pearls and gems on the twirly bits.

▪️Using a fine-liner pen, make a little spot for the eye on the fairy to finish!!

If you want you can 'twinkle up' the flower centres on the frame paper, however I left mine as I thought it looked better with all the sparkle in the centre.

I do hope you've found this easy to follow, with my photos as a guide along the way....

Not only are these super fun to make, but they are a great alternative to cards and can make lovely gifts or decor. I challenge you to give it a go..... share with us on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers.

Until next time

Lynn x

Craftmania Shopping List......

The Bundle - Only £9.99!






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Wendy Walters
Wendy Walters
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Beautiful would be lovely gift for a little girl or a grown up girl lol

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Thanks Wendy lol love fairies lol x

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