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Jamie Rodgers Festive Collection ~ The Centre Piece By Lynn Lewis

Jamie Rodgers Festive Collection ~ The Centre Piece | Cratmania

I'm sure you were all as excited as me when your Collection arrived!! I couldn’t wait to make this beauty, which popped into my head the moment I saw it online....

So let’s get started :-)

Step 1

Cut out 12 Elegant Arches using Creative Expressions Foundations Gold Pearl Card.

Step 2

Cut out 12 Swirly Snowflake Trees in Silver Non Shedding Glitter Card. You could also use Mirror or Pearl card if you prefer.

Step 3

Stick all of the arches back to back, to make them stronger.

Step 4

Stick the Christmas trees in the centre of the arches, back to back.

Step 5

Stick all the arches together by over lapping one side of the arch onto the next .

Leave the ends open for now.

Step 6

Make a base for your tree arches....

I discovered a little trick here.....

Draw around the inside of the circle of the largest outside die of the Poinsettia Rings on mount board (or thick card) and then cut it out by hand, it was the perfect size.

Make sure you cut inside the ring you've drawn and not the outside.

If you die cut them, they will be too big.

I cut out three of these and glued them all together.

When dry, I painted the edges with the Silver from my Cosmic Shimmer Iridescent Watercolours - Christmas Set.

Then using the same die you used to make the base, die cut from two silver Pearl card circles.

Stick one to the top, and the other to the bottom.

They are slightly larger, so just trim aound with a knife.

Step 7

Edge the base.

Now from Creative Expressions Christmas Border Die Set, cut out 6 of the die that looks like a candy cane, in silver Pearl card.

I always cut too much incase of mistakes.....

Now glue these around the edge of the circle base.

Step 8

Attach the tree arches around the circle base by gluing to the candy cane edge at the bottom of the arches and trees.

You will have to be a little bit patient here, and hold a bit at a time while it sticks.

Then on the last bit join the edges of the arches together.

Keep going around the circle until you’re absolutely sure it’s all stuck.

Step 9

Now I was going to stick one of those big fat battery candles in the middle, with an acetate sleeve on it, to stick on poinsettias.

However, my candle was a little bit too big and out of proportion with the base.

So I rummaged through my stash and found a slimline battery candle, along with a polystyrene ball.

Knowing how bad I am at cutting a straight line lol, I turned to my hubby who cut the base off of the ball so it was just level with the arches sides.

I then painted it with two coats of Gold Acrylic Paint, to disguise any gaps, so you wouldn’t see the polystyrene.

When dry, I then asked my hubby again if he could cut a hole down into the centre of the ball for the slim battery candle. Then set this aside.

Step 10

Take the little berries and stick them back to back.

Then using Cosmic Shimmer 3D Pearl Accent Glue make the little berries.

When dry, turn over and do the other side.

You can of course use little white pearls as an alternative.

Step 11

Cut out a large number of your Rippled Poinsettias in Red Maya Card.

To give you an idea, I made up about 20 of the large ones, 10 of the smaller ones and made these up as you can see in step 12 .

In Green Maya Card, cut out one large one for each whole Poinsettia, and a middle size one for the smaller.

Also cut out the centres and berry stalks in Green Maya Card while you there....

Now I wasn't totally happy with the colours once I had them cut out in front of me, so

I used Cosmic Shimmer's Watercolour Palette - Carnival Brights Set. I chose Scarlet Sunset for the reds and Bright Holly for the green Poinsettias.

Next, take the large red Poinsettias and 'sparkle them up' with Cosmic Shimmer - Sahara Gold Ultra Sparkle Texture Paste. I patted it on with a brush, as I didn't want a complete coverage.

Only do this layer.

Step 12

Making up the Poinsettias

See my photos below....

▪️Large Poinsettia - large green layer with a large red sparkly layer and the next size red down.

▪️Smaller Poinsettia - is the third size down, green plus red, and then the next size down.

▪️Tiny Poinsettia -I've not used these this time, however they will come in handy for others projects.

Shape the Poinsettias - I used a selection of paint brush handles for shaping them.

Round them down for the green layer and up for the reds.

Stick these together then when dry; sticking in the green centres and then when they are dry, adding little gold pearls on them.

Step 13

Stick the Poinsettias to the ball

I adhered mine with a hot glue gun as I’m impatient lol....

Firstly, stick around the bottom so that half is over the edge.

Bend these up when the glue is set.

Then repeatedly stick the Poinsettias on until there is no room, filling in any big gaps with the smaller ones.

I apologise as I forgot to take a picture here in my excitement to get it finished :-)

You will know how I feel, when you start building yours...

Now spread your glue (hot or cold) onto the bottom and place it in the tree arch base.

Firmly stick down, being careful not to catch the trees, as it is a tight fit.

Then straighten the bottom Poinsettias up where they have got a little caught!

Step 14

Finishing touches....

Place the candle in the centre and stick the little snow berries randomly amongst the Poinsettias.

There you have your Christmas table centre piece!!


If you like to make fancy Christmas cakes, why not try sticking acetate behind the tree arches, and using it to wrap round your cake. I think it would look fab in any colour too :-))

Give it a go yourself and share with us on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers

Take care

Lynn x

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