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Jamie Rodgers' Pierced Collection ~ Sister! By Lynn Lewis

Jamie Rodgers' Pierced Collection ~ Sister! By Lynn Lewis | Craftmania

Hello Craft-mates :-)

How are you all getting on with Jamie Rodgers' NEW Pierced Die Collection?

I have to confess I am a little addicted (as you may have guessed) - there are just so options, and I also like to mix some of this Collection with some of my original Cosmic Shimmer faithfuls - as you will find out!!!

So today I’m bringing you a very simple coloured card from this Collection - The Butterfly & Flowers Frame Die Set.

▪️To begin, cut out the scalloped background, stitched layer scalloped oval, and the butterfly centre piece in white card.

✅ Save all of the little butterflies and flowers from your die cuts for a little later!

▪️Now take some Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Sparkles in Sandstorm and Groovy Grape .

Sprinkle a small amount of each into a paint pallet, and then using a water brush start painting the centre piece as seen.

▪️You will also need to paint 4 of the larger butterflies in the background pierced piece, 8 smaller ones, plus an additional 8 larger flowers.

With the scalloped back section, you need to just paint a strip all round the edge of this piece.

▪️When you've painted all your elements, glue the pierced piece onto the scalloped background and stick in the butterflies and flowers (as seen in mine).

▪️Then adhere the butterfly centre piece onto the oval scalloped section using foam pads.

Stick this onto the pierced background.

▪️Take a 7x7 card blank and cut this down a fraction, so it will fit your stitched card topper, and

stick this directly onto your card.

▪️For our sentiment, I am using the backing plate from Jamie Rodgers' "Joyful Tidings' Pierced Collection Die Set. The wording "Sister" is from Jamie's Sentiment Collection - Female Relatives Set. You can shorten the back plate with the same die so Sister fits nicely .

✅ One thing I particularly love about Jamie's Collections, is that you can interchange them and they complement one another (like I've done here).

▪️Paint the back plate with Sandstorm Pixie Sparkles and "Sister" with Groovy Grape.

When dry, stick these together and place onto your card with foam pads. Perfect to add a little dimension!!

▪️Finish by gluing the butterflies in the centre and in the sentiment - plus a few gems as seen.

✅ Also a little idea.... Creative Expressions Water Crystals (see below), look amazing on top of your Pixie Backgrounds :-)

I hope you've enjoy making this card, and it's given you a few more ideas of designs and colour combinations. Don't forget to share with us on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers.

Happy Crafting and see you soon.

Take care

Lynn x

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Wendy Walters
Wendy Walters
Jun 21, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Lovey card Lynn and you are right all the dies can be used with each other which is brilliant x

Jun 22, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Wendy 🥰

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