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Spellbinders Design Team ~ Say It With Flowers By Lynn Lewis

Spellbinders Design Team ~ Say It With Flowers By Lynn Lewis | Craftmania

Hello again lovely Crafters.....

Today I'm back with another Spellbinders card using these two beautiful die sets.

On Sale! -

On Sale! -

Let's go.....

Before we start, we are going to be using Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Bursts.... now if these are new to you, then check out Jamie Rodgers YouTube video -

Step 1

▪️Take a sheet of white card and a couple of the Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Bursts - here I used Purple Orchid and Black Cherry.

✅TIP - Spray both sides of the card with water to prevent your card from curling once wet.

▪️Tap your powders over the card and mist again with water to activate them.

Once you’re happy with what you have done, set aside to dry.

I usually makes several sheets at a time in different colours, so that they can then dry over night.

TIP - Plus make a note of the colours you used and write them on the back of the sheets when dry. Great for future reference, as the effects you get are never the same!!

Step 2

▪️Cut out the Wistful Window dies from your Pixie Bursts sheets.

📸 You can see in my pictures which ones to cut out.

Step 3

▪️Now, back the middle piece with Pink ~ Non-Shedding Glitter Card and then the bottom and top one with Silver Mirror Card.

▪️Mat them on top of each other with Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue.

Step 4

▪️Stick the frame onto your card blank. It fits perfectly onto a 5 x 7 card.

Step 5

▪️Take your flower dies and cut out approx 6 of each using Foundations Bright White Vellum, along with 3 big leaves, 3 small and about 30 of the little stars.

🔴 Colour the vellum for the stars with a yellow alcohol ink pen both sides. (I didn’t and it was very fiddly colouring them all separately lol).

▪️Now here I just shaped the flower layers with a ball tool!!

I will make them up as they should be, on my next blog. However, I just wanted to experiment to see if you could make them up as they were, with little shaping....

▪️Stick the layers together using 2 of each (or less if you think it’s ok).

Make 3 flowers and stick them in place on the card as seen.

Step 6

Make the pollen for the flower centres

These are the little stars you cut and coloured out (as above).

▪️Place them on a Shaping Mat, and with a tiny ball tool (or something with a round end like tweezers), gently push into the star centres so they look like the ones in my pictures as a guide.

▪️Place a blob of glue on your mat, and pick up the stars one by one with tweezers.

Dip them into the glue and gently stick 10 in each of the flower centres.

Alternatively you can stick a gem or seed beads or glitter in the centre.

Step 7

▪️Take all the leaves and colour them with green alcohol ink pens on both sides.

Then with a fine tool or small ball tool, create some lines down the leaf centres and add some veins if you so wish. Great for that authentic look!

▪️Stick these around the flowers as seen.

Step 8

▪️Take Jamie Rodgers' Essentials 2 Sentiments Collection Die Set - choose the "With Love."

Cut out 3 in white card and then glue them all together to really make it stand out

Adhere it to the centre piece of the card.

And you're finished......

I’m a big fan of Susan Tierney Cockburn; her flowers are so special and the detail she brings while preparing them is perfect :-)

Watch this space to see how I get on turning them into Chrysanthemums next time :)

Share and chat with us about them on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers

Take care

Lynn x

Craftmania Shopping List......

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Wendy Walters
Wendy Walters
Sep 09, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautiful card Lynn, love the flowers even if you made them your way lol

Sep 09, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Wendy x

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