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Spellbinders Spotlight - It's Your Time By Ian Rump-Smith

Spellbinders Spotlight - It's Your Time By Ian Rump-Smith | Craftmania Blog

Hello Crafters!

Here is another card I've have made using one of the Spellbinders die sets on offer.

This one is a dimensional card which can be sent flat, so great for posting out!!

Let make a start.....

▪️Take Spellbinders Pop Up Vignette Alarm Clock Die Set; I took the large outer die and cut 2 in Foundations Coconut White Card and the other in Gold Mirri Card.

▪️Run your 'mirri' die cut back through the machine, but this time lay the pattern die on top (secure with low tack tape).

▪️At the same time (or do separately, if you don't like cutting 2 dies at once) add the large circle die to the centre so we cut this ready for the time piece. You will see there are some tabs each side of the die cuts, these need to be snipped off on all 3. Now glue the mirri die cut to one of the white die cuts.

▪️Now with the time piece the combination is up to you - it can be a few different combinations....

I cut the clock in a deep red / burgundy colour and glued this onto the centre of the card.

▪️Next, again using mirror card, I cut the centre pattern and hands.

Also take the detailed centre piece - you have to use largest 2 centre circle dies and also the dotted piece. Glue all these onto the card.

▪️Cut out the 2 side pieces (this part reminds me of a giant cotton reel)

Fold the tabs inwards, glue to the back panel, and then add the front of the card.

✅ (You will see where the shape fits with the tabs).

▪️Next cut 2 clock feet, 2 bells and 2 bell holders (not sure what they are called lol) in gold mirri card. You will need to glue the bell holders on and make sure you allow enough room to glue onto your card, and also enough to show some coming out from under the bells.

▪️Once you have glued these to your card, then you can add your flowers.

Use some from your stash (or I'll pop a few of my favourite picks below) and add to your cards.

Mine were little poinsettias.....

▪️I have used the sentiment from the die set, and cut out in pink. I've then glued onto a darker shade and cut it out so you can see the words more clearly. Attach this to your card and it's now complete.

Thank you once again for joining me and I'lll be back soon for another creation.

Take care,

Ian x

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Oh I love this one Ian. Thank you for sharing.

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