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Spellbinders Spotlight ~ Gumballs! By Lynn Lewis

Spellbinders Spotlight ~ Gumballs! By Lynn Lewis | Craftmania

Hello Lovely Crafters....

Today I bring you a fun 3D Gumball machine from Spellbinders Pop up 3D Vignette Bubble Gum Machine dies set.

This video created by Spellbinders may help for you to see the construction in real time...

To make mine I cut out five of the machines with the gumball piece in with red mirror card then five red tops and 2 of the vignette side pieces plus the machine stabiliser bar and separators also in the red mirror card.

Cut out one machine in black without the gumballs and add the inner square to make a frame to hold acetate.

Next in a silver Pearl card cut out five of each of the accents that goes on the lid and round the machine.

In silver mirror card cut out the dispenser pieces and the sentiment banner plus a base layer for the sentiment in black.

Now cut 24 coloured Gumballs and two of the gold coins with little symbols to stick on them.

First you need to take two of the machines and cut off the hook bits on the top sides.

Now stick the lids on 4 along with all the accent pieces.

Leave one without the hook bits on.

Next with the black one cut the hook pieces off and the frame carefully and stick acetate to the back of it. Set aside

Now stick your gumballs on the one that hasn’t got a lid yet then stick the black frame on the front and now all the accents and lid .

For the next part watch the video on the above link to show how to assemble the sides and stablising it’s far easier than me taking loads of pictures and writing about it !

Not sure if it says but make it double sided.

So hopefully you now have your assembled machine and can put the dispenser on the front.

Make sure you slot a coin in the top and have some gumballs coming out.

To finish add your preferred silver sentiment banner with the black base layer behind it.

I bet you’re pretty impressed you’ve made one I was .

I reckon this would be great as party favours with acetate on both sides and boxed in filled with sweets and my Grandaughter suggested putting a claw in too lol !

Could also be used at themed weddings the styles are endless.

Have fun playing ,once you’ve done one it comes easy .

Take care

Lynn x Check out more inspiration with this die on the Spellbinders Blog - HERE

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Wendy Walters
Wendy Walters
May 22, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thats a great idea to fill with sweets for children's party's, love it x

May 23, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Wendy .


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