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The Ultimate Chocolate Box By Ian Rump-Smith

The Ultimate Chocolate Box By Ian Rump-Smith | Craftmania

Hello Everyone!

So... I have been having a go at all sorts lately (not of the sweet kind before you ask lol).

Who doesn't love chocolate? Well, with this in mind, I thought I'd share this ultimate box.... perfect for those sweet temptations and great for gifts....

For this project, I have used 2 sheets of A3 card in white.

It has an outer box which opens like a book, and an inner box for 2 bars of chocolate to sit inside!

Step One

▪️Measurements for Box Inner - 9¾ x 10 inches

Score and burnish all 4 sides at ¾ inches and 1½ inches with a Bone Folder.

▪️Cut as shown in the photo above, and then score all lines.

▪️Fold and glue (red liner tape is best as it's permanent and very strong).

Make a double walled box.

TIP - Fold the 2 ends with the tabs first, so you don't forget to put these inside when gluing down the other 2 sides.

Step Two

▪️Outer card wrap - 16 5/8 x 8 ½ inches

▪️Score at ½ inch each (longest end on both sides).

▪️Rotate and then score at ½ inch , 7¾ inches and 8 5/8 inches.

Score and burnish each score line and then cut as shown in the picture.

▪️Using red liner tape on the inside tabs, fold and burnish each tab all the way round.

Once done, you can start to decorate the inside of the outer wrap.

I used the following measurements :-

▪️Inside panels X2 17.5 x 18 cm

▪️Spine panel X1. 18 x 2 cm


Again, I used Ultra Sticky Double Sided Tape to stick these to the inside of the wrap.

My chosen Papers are from Jamie Rodgers' Classic Christmas Paper Pad.

Step Three

Next I cut 2 pieces of ribbon that would be long enough to tie a bow.

Cut a length of approx 30cm for each each.

Using double-sided tape, stick each piece of ribbon about 8cm in, centrally at each end of the wrap.

These will be tied once completed to keep the wrap secure.


Once the papers are all stuck down, add your box inner to the right hand side.

I used Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue to allow for a little wiggle room....

TIP - Before sticking, double check that the box fits the correct way.

You will see this easily as it should sit square.

▪️You can add a liner to the inside of your box, however I decided to leave mine plain which is personal preference. If you had a particular theme, such as Wedding, Birthday etc this would be a nice finishing touch!

▪️Let's decorate our chocolate bars.....

I used Galaxy Bars for mine, as they have the removable wrappers.

Use a wrapper on your paper to mark corners, so you can cut it exactly the same.

I used white card and embossed it with a Christmas Embossing Folder.

I then used a selection of Jamie Rodgers' dies from his NEW Christmas Collection to add detail to my wrappers.

IDEA - Remember, the recipient won't know the flavours of the chocolate, so you could pop a little card underneath them to state the flavours.

Step Four

Decorate the front of your box... co-ordinating your design to suit your theme.

I didn't use a paper and left it the colour of my card, and just used the die sets and built it up.

IDEA - Depending on the size of the box you make, it might be nice to add that finishing touch, popping in some tissue paper :-)

I've enjoyed this project and hopefully you can follow my instructions to make a gift for your own family and friends, which would be lovely to receive.....

Until next time take care

Ian x

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