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Top Tip - Colouring Gems

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Now this one is a really simple tip, and one you have probably seen done a million times, but as I want this Blog to be a reference guide to paper crafters from the newest crafter right up to the most advanced crafter, I think it's good we cover EVERYTHING... on top of this... you might be like me and have a memory like a goldfish... have long forgotten we have the ability to do this lol. All you need- Gems/Pearls - Gems and Pearls | Craftmania Alcohol Markers - Pens & Pencils | Craftmania

Simply select your gems/ pearls and the colour marker you wish for them to be and colour them in... hey presto..

One tip I would mention... you will find the alcohol ink from the pen will dry much faster on the gem/pearl than the sheet they are attached to, if you pick the gem up with tweezers you can often pick up the ink off of the sheet, and when placing it down on your project the tips of the tweezers will mark your work, so just be careful :) This is a top tip I use virtually everyday, especially with flower centres and bits...

I do hope this little tip helps! Jamie -x-

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