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Vintage Baubles

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

So, I have totally fell in love with the Phil Martin Stencil, you may recognise it from our very first blog post! It’s still on offer at Half Price - Only £3! and its a biggie... it’s 8"x8"

Pop your stencil on to your backing card - I used a sheet of Coconut white card

- secure in place with stencil tape.

I have chosen to use - Warm Gold Sparkle Texture Paste... now I'm going to let you in on a little secret I only recently found myself... The Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle texture paste has a secret ingredient in it that helps prevent it from seeping under your stencils... now I am sure I can't be the only one of us who has excitedly popped texture paste over a stencil, removed it and expected a master piece but instead is met with a blob lol.. This shouldn't be the case with this texture paste! Even on the most detailed stencils.

Now pop this to one side and let it dry. Once dry we can start adding more to it...

Now this next stage, in truth I could have done this first, if I had a clue what i was heading for lol... but i will say it is nice to have the baubles in place to work around, filling in the gaps rather than guessing without knowing the bauble placemats

I have just added in some distressed stamping with the old letter script stamp and red geranium ink, I didn't want this to be crisp or uniform... so I didn't even put my stamp on a block, i just used the stamp on its own and applied pressure with my fingers Now to frame this... I have taken a self adhesive sheet and placed it on the top of a sheet of gold mirror card. I have then cut an aperture in the card using the double pierced rectangles die

Now that middle is worth its weight in gold, not for this project, but it can certainly come in handy... for a little inspiration with this one read this blog post... May We Celebrate Christmas... For Just one little minute... ( Trim the frame down so it has the depth you wish to use all the way round, mine is 0.75"

So now peel off the self adhesive sheet topper from the frame we have created and sprinkle on your Frosty Glitterbits... I LOVE these over the top of mirror card like this, it gives it a truly frosty sparkle.

Remove the excess Glitterbits with the applicator sponges. To finish off my card I have added a black layer under my frame using the next level down in the Double Pierced Rectangles. Using off cuts of ribbon I have added a couple of wrap round corners and a bow.

And lastly finished it off with a sentiment and a few pearls...

I can't wait to see your creations with this style! Please do make sure you pop your creations on our Groups/Pages... Craftmania Creations & Shares - (3) Craftmania Creations & Shares! | Facebook Jamie Rodgers Crafts - (3) jamie rodgers crafts - search results | Facebook Best wishes

Jamie -x-

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