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Weaving Die Set Bundle - Seasons Greetings! By Lynn Lewis

Weaving Die Set Bundle - Seasons Greetings! By Lynn Lewis | Craftmania

Hello Crafters

Today I am creating a Christmas card using Creative Expressions Weaving Dies from Craftmania's Weaving Die Set Bundle.... as you can see, they are so versatile and literally work on every card for every occasion!!

Lets get started.....

▪️I used Creative Expressions Intermediate Weaving Die; cutting out three in each of the pearl papers - red and gold (but I only needed two), plus one extra strip.

▪️Here I left the strips in the paper for one of each (see photos), and then stuck one on top of each other to fill the gaps.

▪️I cut out the strips in the red and gold, and then started weaving two at a time (alternating the colours). As you can see this gives you the zig zag type pattern.

✅ Make sure you put the colours in the same order each time.

▪️When finished, straighten and stick down all the ends on both sides and trim. I glued mine down on a scrap piece of card. When finished it will need to be trimmed down into a circle.

▪️Next using Sue Wilson's Noble Scalloped or Looped Edged Squares Die Set, cut one from the Old Gold Pearl Paper and stick to a 7x7 Ivory Card Blank. Then using the Red Pearl Paper, cut a

Noble Double Stitched Square to fit on top and stick that down.

▪️Now take Sue Wilson's Noble Double Stitched Circle and cut a frame using your Gold Pearl Paper. This should sit on the woven piece, and just inside of the red square on the card.

Glue this onto your woven piece trimming off the excess underneath.

Now your circle is neatly trimmed.... add foam pads/roll and stick it onto your card.

Decorating Your Card

I used Jamie Rodger’s Pierced Collection!

▪️Starting with the Pierced Elegant Poinsettia Dies, I cut out two large and four small poinsettias in green. You can use white vellum and colour with ink.

▪️Then cut out four large and twelve small poinsettias in the Berry Red Translucent Paper.

I pinch the points on each of the red ones before layering them up.

If you want them to stand out, stick pads between a couple of layers - mine are just glued together.

▪️So the big poinsettias are one green, two large berry red, and two small berry red stuck together.

The small ones are one green and two small red berry stuck together.

The centres are glue and gold micro beads from my stash you can also use stamens, pearls / gems or Cosmic Shimmer 3D Pearl Accents to do this job.

Now stick the completed poinsettias onto the circle as you can see on the card picture.

▪️To finish, cut the panel from Creative Expressions Pierced Collection sentiment - Seasons Greetings from the same card as your gold circle. Then cut the actual sentiment in Red Pearl Paper and glue to the gold back panel.

▪️Add three to four layers of sticky pads underneath the middle, then stick the edges down so it has a dome shape holding down until stuck. The pads are to stop the sentiment squashing....

Add a red bow for your finishing touches.... and you are done!!

I hope you enjoy making this festive card, although you have the option to use this design with flowers / leaves for other occasions. Give it a go and share with us on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers.

Happy crafting

Lynn x

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