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Wings Of Wonder Collection ~ Dare to Dream By Lynn Lewis

Angel wings card created with Jamie Rodgers Wings Of Wonder Craft dies
Wings Of Wonder Collection ~ Dare to Dream By Lynn Lewis | Craftmania

Hello Crafters....

Now I haven’t had much of a chance to play with the Wings Of Wonder Collection Volume II, however as soon as I saw the Butterfly Confetti Die Set, I had this design in my head!!

It's a perfect example of how Jamie's products give you so many options to create.....

I can't wait to share this with you, so let's get started....

▪️Draw a pair of Angel wings and cut them out by hand from white card.

You can make these as big or as small as you like, it all depends on the size of the card. Here I have used a 7 x10 inch card.

▪️Next take the Butterfly Confetti Die and cut out approximately 3-4 lots of the butterflies and start gluing them onto the Angel wings.

TIP - I folded mine up first and then placed glue onto the folds; you can do this any way you wish. I chose to stick the larger ones on the inner sides coming out to the mini ones on the edge. See my photo as a guide)

Once you have finished set these aside then let’s start on the background .

▪️You will need 2 sheets of watercolour card and then using Distress Oxide Inks Pads...

Stormy Sky, Villainous Potion and Chipped Sapphire, start blending them onto the card with blending brushes until you're happy.

▪️Then take your Black Distress Ink and start blending around the edges, and in the middle to help give a night sky effect.

✅ Don’t forget to do another one as you need 2.

▪️Next, lightly spray or flick some water onto it and wait a few seconds, before you dab with some tissue

▪️To create my starry background, I used my Picket Fence Watercolour Pencil from Tim Holtz Watercolour Pencils - Set 1.

To do this, get a waterbrush and brush it over the end of the pencil. As it gets a bit watery (but not too much) start to flick it off the end onto your background....

TIP - Practice this technique on a piece of black card first, so you know how much to do...

Allow to dry.

▪️Next you need a hint of a sparkly background.....

To do this you will need a clear Glitter Brush Pen, and use a lightly dampened piece of sponge (one with holes in it).

Squeeze out a little of of the Glitter Brush Pen onto a mat, and dab the sponge on it.

Lightly pounce it over your backgrounds and hopefully you can see the sparkle.....

Now we will start to assemble .

▪️First cut a piece of holographic mirror card 6.75" x 8&3/8 inches then cut and mat a piece of your background on top, then stick it to the top part of the card as you can see .

▪️Cut another piece of Holographic Silver Rainbow Mirror Card to 8. 7/8 inches x 5 ½ inches (sorry I’ve misplaced my centimetre ruler)

Then mat a piece of white card on top of that, and follow with another piece of your background on top of that. Now stick this on top of the other so it’s in the centre of the card on foam roll.

▪️Next take your wings, place them on foam roll (I used a double layer) and stick these onto your card as seen.

Now the wings of wonder panel .....

▪️Cut out the Moroccan Scalloped Lattice Background Die in white, and carefully cut off the scalloped edge with scissors/trimmmer and keep to one side.

▪️Next cut a piece of holographic card 4¼ x 2.7/8 inches and mat a bit of your background on it slightly smaller.

▪️Next take the scalloped edges you cut off earlier, and trim these to size. Stick behind this panel so it is just peeking out behind the holographic edge.

▪️Now take the Moroccan Lattice Background and trim this to fit your panel, before sticking it on with a little Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue.

▪️Now cut out some letters in white card - using Sam Poole's Alpha & Number Die Set.

▪️Stick them on as seen on my panel; use the lattice to keep you straight - before sticking the O's and D cut the lattice out from the centres as it's can confuse the shapes when done stick this to the bottom of the card on foam roll.

▪️To finish your card, cut out some Creative Expressions Wordies from the Inspirational Set. Stick to the centre top of the card and stick some more butterflies around the wings and panels.

▪️I used the left over background to mat and layer with white and the holographic mirror card to put on the inside of the card to stabilize the weight of the front.

I hope you love this card as much as I do....

Dare to dream - dare to be different and stand out from the crowd!!!

Lynn x

We would love to see your creations on our Group - Create With Craftmania and Jamie Rodgers | Facebook Craftmania Shopping List...

Inks & Messy Bits...



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Love it

May 25, 2023
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Thank you glad you like it 💖💖


May 23, 2023
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