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Wings Of Wonder Collection ~ Hello! By Lynn Lewis

Wings Of Wonder Collection ~ Hello! By Lynn Lewis | Craftmania

Wings Of Wonder Collection ~ Hello! Blog By Lynn Lewis | Craftmania

Hello Crafters....

How are you all getting on with the New Wings Of Wonder Collection By Jamie?

It's great to see so many of you sharing your makes with us on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers. Please do keep them coming :-)

Today I am sharing a simple little white on white card, with the addition of the beautiful NEW Cosmic Shimmer Mineral Micas. As always the shopping list for the products I have used are at the end of this blog.

So let's get started....

Cut out two of the Moroccan Scalloped Lattice Backgrounds in white card, before taking a scalloped edged C6 card with which to fit the lattice onto. Piece them together to fit the card as seen in my photos below. Lightly glue onto the card and trim the corners off the lattice.

Next emboss a piece of white card with Sue Wilson's 3D Embossing Folder - Coffee Bean Flower.

Cut out two strips so it’s a whole flower wide and then stick these onto the card as you can see.

Taking your Cherry Blossoms Die Set, cut out some of the flowers and foliage in white card.

Here I made up three different size flowers - one with all the sizes, one with the last two sizes and a little one with two of the smallest.

Shape these as you wish (using an Embossing Tool) and then stick together. Add some glue in the centres and sprinkle with Mineral Mica - Gran-Perla .

Next take from Sue Wilson’s Bold Shadowed Sentiments - Hello Die Set and cut out

▪️the backing piece out in white card, which has Double Sided Adhesive Sheets on it

▪️Cut out again in just plain white card.

Now take your sticky sentiment and cover with Gran-Perla Mineral Micas (as seen in the picture) and then stick the white hello on top of it, once you are happy it is dry.

Next - the Grand Butterfly.... you will need two of these; one backed with White Vellum, and the other backed with a Double Sided Adhesive Sheet. Cover with Mineral Mica.

TIP - When working with the sheet with the sticky backing, don’t peel the backing off - just cut a little strip out of the back, so you can glue it to the other vellum backed one.

You will now need to stick them all onto your card. (There are no foam pads used, so it is great if you're after a card to pop in the post!!


Stick on your sentiment and then the butterfly, and arrange your flowers with some foliage tucked in.

Here I also cut some of the swirly elements off of the stems and tucked these in too to make it look pretty. To finish, I stuck some pearls on the Grand butterfly's body, and in the centre hole of the flowers, on the embossed strips.

You can add any sentiment onto cards like this one, so feel free to get creative....

To add some visual depth to your cards you can also use different shades of white card as I have done - so you have plenty of options :-)

I hope you all have a great week

Take care

Lynn x


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