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Design Team ~ Birthday Wishes! By Lynn Lewis

Design Team ~ Birthday Wishes! By Lynn Lewis | Craftmania Blog

Hi Everyone .

As promised… when I shared a green version of this card last week on Facebook, here are the measurements and directions to making this Z-Fold Diamond Pop Up Card!

▪️You will see at the end, I have made three of these cards so far; mainly because they are simple to do and they really showcase these wonderful Paper Pads.

For this card, I have used the Finding Paradise 8x8" Paper Pad, some dark and light pink card, along with the sentiment from Jamie Rodgers' Fluttering Ivy Die set.

As you can see in picture one I have shown you the template and the coloured card and papers I have used per layer .

If you click on the pictures and zoom in it will be easier for you - or if not read on.

▪️Card base - 10 x 7 inches in coloured card, and then score at 2½ and 5 inches

▪️Next layer in white card - 6¾ x 4¾ inches

▪️Plus 2 of these in white card 6¾ x 2¼ inches

▪️Next one of these in your choice of paper 6½ x 4½ inches

▪️Plus 2 of these in your choice of paper 6½ x 2 inches

📸 Picture 2 shows the same, as one only with the diamonds and the pop up piece.

You will need :-

▪️For the middle diamond - 1 in the coloured card - 3 x 3 inches

▪️For the front diamonds - 2 of the coloured card - at 2½ x 2½ inches

▪️Now the next layer in white card - 2¾ x 2¾ inches for the middle one

▪️Then 2 of the white card - at 2½ x 2¼ inches for the front ones

▪️Lastly your paper choice for the middle one - at 2½ x 2½ inches

▪️Then 2 of your paper choice for the front ones - 2 x 2 inches

Also in Picture 2 📸 - you will need in coloured card the pop up box at 3 inches x 4 inches and scored at 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inches.

📸 Picture 3 shows all the pieces are stuck on.

Just simply stick the white layer on first, followed by your paper choice as seen on both card base and the diamonds.

📸 Picture 4

Shows the diamonds being placed on the card front.

▪️Stick the smaller diamonds on the front

NOTE - Fold line level with the top and bottom very slightly overlapping

Make sure you glue the correct side of the diamond

📸 Picture 5

Shows the pop up piece being made

Fold the box to shape, and then lay flat (as seen 📸)

Then take a ruler and make pencil marks at 2 inches and 5 inches from the bottom up

📸 Picture 6

Showing the pop up box being stuck in .

Now stick glue on one of the edge pieces of the box and stick it beside the fold then when that is stuck stick the other edge piece on the other side of the fold as seen let dry then fold your card up so it opens with the box in the middle as seen in picture 7 .

With a centering ruler very lightly mark the side of your cad the centre dieamond goes on in the middle .

Picture 7 📸

Fitting the centre diamond..

As you can see, the middle diamond sticks out too far.

Turn it around so that the back is facing upwards and place it where it needs to exactly be.

When the card is closed, draw a line down the edge of the diamond level with the card.

Cut the tip off from the line you've made.

Now stick your diamond into the centre of the box, only placing glue where it sticks on the box.

Now that is your basic card made.

Personally I don't think these cards need a lot of embellishments, however I added a couple of butterflies and a sentiment from Creative Expressions Fluttering Ivy Die Set.

Once you have all the elements cut out, they are extremely easy to make and as I said above they really show off the Paper Pads so take advantage of the absolute bargains on the website..... I have :-)

Have a fantastic week

Until the next time

Take care

Lynn x

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I really loved making my green Christmas one with you the other week, which i entered into the #green competition. And as you said they don't need a lot of extras added to them. Once you have all the bits cut out very easy to put together. Great card x

Replying to

Thanks Wendy 🥰 I do look forward to our crafty days xxx

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