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Design Team ~ Cosmic Shimmer Love By Lynn Lewis

Mixed media pink stencilled heart with roses created with craft dies
Design Team ~ Cosmic Shimmer Love By Lynn Lewis | Craftmania Blog

Happy Saturday Crafters.... :-)

Well what fun we've been having, watching Jamie Rodgers NEW YouTube Series -

Recipes Of Inspiration where he showing us how to mix up some great Cosmic Shimmer products.

It's great as it has inspired me to play with all of my Cosmic Shimmer products - and as a result I made this stunning card!!

Step 1

So hopefully you may have seen my post on Facebook Group Post where I mixed up some

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Texture Paste along with :-

▪️Holographic Glitterbitz - Blush Haze

▪️Aurora Flakes - Golden Rose

▪️And a little Pixie Powder - Candy Pink

I mixed these well on a tile and then stencilled out this gorgeous Heart Blossoms Stencil on white card, which was left to dry.

TIP - If you have some paste left over, don’t waste it - do some more stencilling with it then you can use at a later date.

I was astounded by the result to be honest, it looked really beautiful (as you can see below 📸)

Step 2

So let's make it into a card....

▪️Take a blank 7x7" card and cut it down to 16.5cm x 16.5cm.

▪️Now take a piece of white card (size 15 cm x 15cm) along with Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powder Candy Pink.

▪️Tap some powder out onto a tile and spray with water.

▪️Using a brush about a inch wide, paint a strip all the way around the edge of the card.

✅ This is a good way to get your layers to match up. Stick this onto your card with a foam pads.

▪️Next take the stencilled 'Heart Blossom' piece and trim around it before sticking it on top with foam pads again.

Step 3

You will now need Jamie Rodgers Everlasting Love Collection Lattice Heart Blooms Die Set.

Take the small 'lattice heart' in the centre and cut out in white card (as seen 📸)

Then use it as a stencil with your Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Glaze - Blushing Rosedust on white card then peel off and leave to dry.

TIP - Don’t discard the die cut, as you can use it another time.

When dry cut around the heart and stick it in the centre of the stencilled 'heart bloom' piece on pads.

Step 4

Now to make our roses....

You will need the Rose Blossoms Die Set from the same Collection.

▪️As you can see in the picture above, you will need two of the large and one each of all the other sizes per large rose; then the small ones for the smaller rose plus one butterfly.

▪️Paint all of these with Candy Pink Pixie Powder and water, plus a piece of scrap card for the sentiment. Set aside

▪️Next cut out four large leaves and two small plus two of the sprays.

Paint these with Golden Mint Pixie Powder and water before setting aside.

Step 5

▪️Starting with the largest flower; first take the smallest layer and a Ball Tool to shape the flower.

Push in the centre to draw it up.

▪️Use a Hot Glue Gun for the next part (I find this best for this style because it needs to stick fast)

Stick the two opposite petals together (as seen📸) and then two more then the last one.

▪️Keep doing this until you’ve used all of the single ones, then with the two large ones, shape with a Ball Tool.

Stick a blob of hot glue onto the bottom and push the bud into each one.

▪️Next add a tiny bit of glue onto the sides of the bud and carefully stick the petals up the sides.

You will notice glue strands, but you can pull these off and those you can’t we will cover with Cosmic Shimmer Aurora Twinkles.

🛒 My glue gun is a bit clumpy as it's old, so I decided to invest in this new one (above) which was only £3.99

Now if you have one of those shaping tools with a slit in it, use it to roll down the edges of the petals to give it the rose distinct look.

If not, try and roll them over with tweezers being careful not to tear them.

Pick off the glue strands and dab twinkles Aurora around the top.

Now make another large one and a smaller one.

Step 6

▪️Now that you've created your roses, stick the two larger ones in place with hot glue and then stick the leaves (as seen📸 ).

▪️take the sprays and stick them under the top right of small heart, and then stick your small rose on top (as seen📸).

▪️Next cut out "Mum" from Jamie Rodgers Female Relative Die Set in the scrap painted bit you did earlier.

🚨You may have noticed that I didn't get all the lattice filled in the heart, so I’m sticking "Mum" over the centre one as seen.

I rummaged in my gem box and found a pink heart to stick over the other lol - I'm sure you will do it better....

Crazy how you don’t notice these things until you take a picture!!

To finish....

Take the butterfly and place some glue down the centre and on the wings.

Sprinkle with Cosmic Shimmer Holographic Glitterbitz - Blush Haze and then stick it as I have done.

Finished card size is 16.5cm x 16.5 cm.

I absolutely love this card with all its sparkly, shiny, glittery bits and it just goes to show what we can achieve when we use all our stash lol.

We would love to see what recipes you have come up with by doing this 'mixing technique' of Jamie's, so don't forget to share with us on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers.

Until then Happy crafting

Lynn x

Craftmania Shopping List.......


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