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DT - Lynn Lewis - Colourful Trio

Do you ever glance up at the calendar and see it’s aunt Edna’s birthday in two days and think ‘darn it, I haven’t got a card’? Well these are pretty quick and simple to make and ideal If you’re now starting your journey into card making. First you will need a 7x7 card and as Jamie has mentioned before that is the size of the envelope so the card itself is slightly smaller. Select the colour you wish from the pad, in the bundle, and a piece of white card, and cut 3 coloured squares at 4 x 4cm and 3 white squares at 3.5cm x 3.5cm . I cheated lol and used the Jamie Rodgers - Small Square Canvas collection die set as the two small squares are the perfect size. You can glue the coloured one and white ones together and set aside. Now cut a piece of the same coloured paper and Matt it onto the card slightly smaller than the card and stick it on . With another piece of white card and a score board score one side of the card every 0.5 cm for ten scores then cut this to fit on top of the coloured piece slightly smaller but don’t stick it on yet! Next, place some foam pads under the small squares and with a ruler, measuring from the top of the scored card, place your squares equally along the card. After you’ve done that with the coloured paper cut out the plain flat flowers from the bundle dies - one of them the patterned side & 2 Plain, then 3 white smaller flowers and glue the coloured ones onto the white squares with the patterned one in the middle, cut into and shape the white flowers and glue them on . Now with a bit of string line it up under the small squares then stick it down on the back and place foam pads on the whole bit and attach to the card layering it onto the coloured paper . The tag is simple - I find if you punch a hole in the white card first you can hand cut a tag around it, then Matt onto the coloured paper and cut that a little bigger. Stick these together and fussy cut a flower from the paper and stick on the tag, tie a simple bow through the hole then hot glue the bow to the string unless you’re very clever and can tie it to the string lol. Add some gems to the centre of your flowers to add a little sparkle . Finally, add a sentiment. I used one from the bundle ‘Just Because’ and the ‘Happy Birthday’ from Jamie Rodgers Just a note stamp set . Stamp out Matt and layer then pad onto your card . I find that you can get a production line going with this card and make several at once and in as many colours too to get a stock in. You might notice the blue card has an extra layer, well that’s because I stuck it on the card upside down and had to cut it off and re stick it lol . It does happen and often lol. Enjoy, Lynn .

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