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Floral Panel Small Gift Boxes

As promised on my shows, here are all the measurements you need to make a small gift box from one of the Floral Panel dies..

Take a piece of card and cut it to 18.5cm x 9.5cm, this will be your box base, then cut a second piece of card to 18.7cm x 9.7cm - This will be your lid (if you wish for a looser fitting lid feel free to increase the measurement by a little (on card size boxes I normally increase by 0.5cm for the lid, but being a small box I was happy with a smaller, tighter lid). Score both panels at 1" on all 4 sides

Now cut your corners and form your box.

Glue the tabs and build your box. I then attached a framed panel from the Floral Panels under the base box, and one on top of the lid, adding either papers and/or die cuts to decorate it. I could see these boxes being used for jewelry, chocolates, candy and so much more!

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