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Split In The Middle Box

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

For this project you will need - Score Board - Inch Score Board | Craftmania (



Stage one - So to start with you need 8 panels the same size, these will form the walls on the top and bottom section of box. Score each panel across cross the top and bottom (if holding the panel horizontal) and down one side.for my fairy box my panels measured - 7.75” by 5” and I’ve scored my 3 sides all at 0.5”

Stage two - where you have scored on 3 sides, you will have created 2 squares. Cut these off

Stage three - Now join 4 panels together

Stage four - Glue the extra flaps down to make a solid edge running around the inside of the box you’ve created - Reapet this to create 2 identical pieces.

Stage five - Cut two squares of card and attach one to the base/top of each half - obviously leaving one side of each box open. My squares measured - 18.5x18.5cm

Stage six - In case you don’t wish to decorate the outside of your box in a way that keeps your lid centered - if you notice on mine each side has a large oval attached to the base of the box, on all 4 sides. This keeps the lid in place.... buy you may not wish to do that, and you may wish for the inside to look a little neater and to offer more support... let’s add a box to the middle of your base box... so this time, I had 4 panels - 17.5cmx15cm score down one vertical & one horizontal side at 2cm.

Stage seven - This time we created a box in each corner, remove this box..

Stage eight - Glue these 4 panels together creating a box 12.5cm high by 15.5cm wide.

Stage nine - Again glue the base flaps over..

Stage ten - Cut a square to fit down inside this new box... mine is approx 15.3cm x 15.3cm Stage 11 Pop this box inside one half of your original two boxes... it will create this raised lip for you hold on your lid. Now decorate as you wish! Of course this box could be made in just about any size you can imagine, you could even play about with making the top half thinner or deeper in height than the base box! You could add add in multiple layers! The options are endless... Fingers crossed I’ve given you all the measurements and you’ll be able create these boxes time and time again! Please do a practise one with cheap card, before cutting in to your finest Foundations card 😉 Good luck and we hope you enjoy recreating this project! We would love to see your versions uploaded to the (7) Craftmania Creations & Shares! | Facebook & (7) Jamie Rodgers Crafts | Facebook

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