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Light Up Christmas Decoration

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

For this project you will need...

Stage One - Cut 2 strips of card 3” x 12.5” From here in we will just talk of one strip... but both strips need to follow exactly the same instructions..

Stage Two - Place your strip horizontally on your board, and score at 0.5” & 6.5” Stage Three - Now place your strip on the board vertically and score at 0.5" and 2.5” from one end all the way to the other of the strip. Stage Four - You will have created 2 small boxes at one end of the strip, these can now be “plant potted” meaning we cut in the square on one side and remove a small section off of each side of the little square, creating a plant pot style shape.

Stage Five - In the middle (roughly) of your strips you have that line you scored at 6.5” - this will be going through them long lines down the side, these can now be snipped up to the 0.5” line. It will make the 0.5” sides separate, so we can now fold these up to create the front and back of our box... but don’t glue them just yet... Stage Six - Cut a length of card at 0.5” wide from any piece of scrap card. Now from the one side of the 6.5” score line, lay this strip coming down away from the strip... in like an L shape... cut diagonally through this from the middle of the L to create a mitered corner - repeat this on both sides of the strip... (not both sides of the same 6.5” line - please check the pictures.. so you see what I mean- both sides of the actual 3” strip :)

Stage Seven - At the end of the strips that don’t have the plant pots cut in to them... We can cut the ends to mitred corners too... so when our box is built and completed both the front and back will have nice mitered corners. So place a bit more of your strip on to the end and once again cut through the L like we did in the last stage.

Stage Eight - Now we can start to glue this creation together... now it’s up to you, I tend to glue both sides of the L we are about to create at the same time... it’s easier to do and will help you see where you’re going but at the same time you may wish to leave the back of the box (one side) open so you can easily pop your window panel in place once the box is constructed... I’ve photographed this gluing only what would be the front of the box (one side of the L) , leaving the back open for easy instillation of the mosaic panel.... but see how you feel once you’ve completed your practice run.. So start off by gluing your plant pot to your side 0.5” strip... creating your first wall, then comes the join at the 6.5” score line, you can now glue your mitered edge over on to the first side wall...and your L should be taking form. ***This point is where we need both of your original strips at the same point*** So you should now have two L shaped pieces.

Stage Nine - Glue the two L’s together, on the front side of the box..

Stage Ten - Now it’s time to think about your panel... I’ve not photographed my mosaic in step by step process, as it’s rather easy... cut 2 mosaic panels - stick one to each side of a square of acetate, matching them up so the acetate is basically sandwiched between the two die cuts - my acetate Square is approx. 15cm - make sure you place the mosaics in the centre of the sheet so we have room to glue the mosaic in to the box without covering the design. On the reverse of the mosaic I have dropped crystal tints in to the holes - because we glued a mosaic panel on the reverse of the acetate it will act as walls to keep the crystal tint in place.. (I highly recommend sticky specs for gluing the mosaic panels to the acetate as they cover all of the areas and make them walls bonded nicely so the colours don’t run) Once dry it’s ready to go in the box

Stage Eleven - Glue your mosaic panel in the front of your box, if you didn’t seal your box back earlier... now do so... glue down the sides to make the back and front the same.

Stage Twelve - Add a back flap - of course if you wish to make these wall hangers instead of free standing boxes... this stage isn’t needed, I’ve added a 15x15cm Square on the back of my box, and scored it at 0.5” across the top... Break this score line in nicely before gluing on to the box so that the flap can open easily to turn the electric candles on. I’ve added a ribbon coming from inside the lid... so I can tie it in a bow to keep the back closed tightly... I’ve also added a ribbon coming out from under my box before adding a base to it.

Stage Thirteen - add a base to your box if you wish to.. my largest base is 17.2cmx6cm but see what you feel you would like.. on mine I’ve got this large base with a silver mat on top of it, and a few pearls for decoration. I’ve then added the beautiful Christmas Angel from 2019 on the front of the box and a bow on the roof for decoration.. If you find your corners look a little messy... pearl/gem lines can hide a multitude of sins ;) or when In doubt a flower will often help hide a little “issue” Please do a practise one with cheap card, before cutting in to your finest Foundations card 😉

Good luck and we hope you enjoy recreating this project! We would love to see your versions uploaded to the (5) Craftmania Creations & Shares! | Facebook & (5) Jamie Rodgers Crafts | Facebook

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How did you make the mosaic, acetate? Do you have a tutorial? Thanks Jamie Susan

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