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Hand Picked By Jamie ~ September Bundle - Joyful Tidings By Lynn Lewis

Joyful Tidings By Lynn Lewis - Jamie Rodgers Blog | Craftmania

Hello Crafters,

Saturday's come round far too quickly these days lol, however I always look forward to them as I get to share my makes with you all and have some time out to myself :-)

So I hope you are all enjoying your new Hand Picked By Jamie Bundle, and you are finding the Blog posts a help...

Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I love my stamps, and this month has not disappointed.

This week I've chosen to use the Woodware Sparkly Baubles Stamp By Francoise Read. It's great size to work with, and I love the detail.

As always, you will find the Shopping List for my project at the bottom of the page.

  • Now before we get started, with today's card we are going to be using the technique of stamping with Cosmic Shimmer Flake & Glitter Glue. If this is new to you, then I would highly recommend watching Jamie's short YouTube tutorial which may help before making this card with me. I will pop the link below for you.

Jamie Rodgers YouTube Tutorial - Stamping With Cosmic Shimmer Flake And Glitter Glue

To begin with, I have taken a sheet of the gorgeous new black matt card from Craftmania.

Now this is a sneaky peak really, as it’s not yet on the website, but keep a close eye as it is coming soon.

TOP TIP - For projects like these I highly recommend a Stamping Platform.

If you haven't invested in one yet, I can honestly say that they are a game changer.

Not only will they accommodate all different sizes of stamps, they allow you to re-stamp over images with accuracy and precision.

Firstly, you need to place your Woodware Sparkly Baubles Stamp on a Stamping Platform or Stamping Block.

Using an applicator, apply some Cosmic Shimmer Flake & Glitter Glue to your Stamp, and then stamp onto your black card.

IMPORTANT - As soon as you have finished the above, wash the Cosmic Shimmer Flake & Glitter Glue off of your Stamp straight away before it dries. This also gives your stamped glue image time to dry and set before moving onto the next step.

Now the fun begins :-)

When you are ready, apply your Cosmic Shimmer Chocolate Gold Gilding Flakes.

These Limited Edition Flakes are just divine, and I love the colours, however if you prefer another colour there are -

Now, if you are like me and don’t like wasting your Gilding Flakes and getting them everywhere, then I have a good tip for you....

TOP TIP - Get a very large resealable bag, a Woodware Sponge Applicator and place your stamped card inside. Be careful and try not touch the glue, and apply the Gilding Flakes whilst inside the bag with your sponge applicator.

Once you have done this, take your card out slowly and wipe with a dry soft cloth to remove any excess / loose bits. These will then go into your bag (as you can see in the picture below).

Instead of putting my Flakes back into my pot (with the potential of wearing them and looking like a Christmas tree lol) I've resealed the bag and marked with the product and colour for next time!!

For the next part, you need to trim around the stamped baubles image as close as you can With a paper trimmer .

Now to build your card....

Take a piece of Kraft card measuring card 20.8 x 20.8 cm and fold it in half to make the card.

Now you need to create your matting and layering which will go under your stamped bauble.

Take a piece of Silk Gold Mirror Card and matt black card, and place under the stamped image, making sure it will fit on the card.

At this point, we are positioning it for size and not actually sticking it down, as we still need to make a bow. Create you bow using your choice of gold ribbon and stick it to the top of the image with hot glue, wrapping the tails round before sticking to the back.

Now with your Kraft card in hand, apply some Ultra Sticky Double Sided Red Liner Tape down both edges. You are going to repeat the process from earlier; take your card to the bag with the left over Gilding Flakes and burnish the flakes onto the sticky taped areas.

(To save time, you could do this at the same time as the stamped image, however mine was a work in progress lol).

For the next stage, you need you will need Foam Pads which you are going to stick onto the back of your black card which has the gold matt and layering and stamped image.

Centre and stick to your Kraft Card base.

To finish my card off, I added Jamie Rodgers Pierced Collection sentiment - Joyful Ticings.

This is a favourite of mine, and has become one of my go to dies....

It was cut from the Silk Gold Mirror Card and for those extra finishing touches I have added some of Sue Wilson's Festive Foliage Pieces.

My sentiment has been placed across the middle of the card, with the Festive Foliage around the sides to frame.

Joyful Tidings By Lynn Lewis - Hand Picked By Jamie - September | Craftmania

If this is your first attempt at stamping with Cosmic Shimmer Flake & Glitter Glue, and don't feel confident with larger stamps, then have a little practice with smaller stamps first. It is all about having fun and experimenting.... some of our best creations are made by accident lol!!

Let me know how you get on, and as always I am here to help and answer any questions or you can post on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers

Have a lovely crafty weekend and I look forward to seeing you next week!

Lynn x



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