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In The Frame Bundle ~ Butterfly Love By Lynn Lewis

In The Frame Bundle ~ Butterfly Love By Lynn Lewis | Craftmania

Hi Everyone...

How are you getting on with your 'In the Frame' Bundle?

I’ve just made up my second one, but instead of doing these little ones separately, I’ve matched them up and joined them together to hang on the wall!

I’ve used my 'Grand Dogs' pictures.... perfect I thought as dogs play a big part in our lives (like a lot of us here I'm sure).

One of them is sadly no longer with us :-( however, the other is as crazy as life.

So here is how I made it.....

Step 1

Paint all the frames, base and both sides with white acrylic paint to give it a base.

This gives a better foundation for sticking things to it.

Step 2

▪️Using Craftmania's Peach Parchment Card, cover the frames front and back sections.

To do this, place your frames face down onto the parchment and draw around with a pencil.

Plus do an oval in the centre, and then do the back pieces the same.

You should get all of these out of one sheet of card.

▪️Cut them out

To cut the ovals out, I used my little Vaessen Creative Tweezer Scissors (they are fab for projects like this). Don’t worry too much about being neat as it will be covered later.

I did look for a die in my stash to cut the oval out, so you may need to experiment yourself!

Step 3

▪️Glue your Parchment Card to the frame and back piece.

Step 4

▪️Take your gold pearls from the Bundle and glue them around the ovals on the frames.

I usually stick these on with Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue, otherwise they can fall off this Parchment Card after a while without the reinforcement.

I think it’s because it has a slightly textured surface.

Step 5

▪️From the sheet of paper that has the quotes on, select two and then cut them out.

Glue all the separate words onto your frame.

▪️Here I used “Grateful For This Moment" and “I’m Not Lucky, I’m Blessed."

I hope the picture above help you.

TIP - My learning here if I was to do this again, would be not to stick the sentiments too close to the ovals.

Step 6

Do you ever start something then think what do I do next? lol

Well that was me here.... I was thinking maybe mini flowers, but then as I was looking through my dies I spotted this one so here goes!

▪️Cut out lots of butterflies using Jamie Rodgers' Wings Of Wonder Collection - Butterfly Confetti Die Set.

I cut out two lots from each colour.

I used Lilac, Apricot, Pale Pink and Custard (all the pastel shades from the Maya card stock).

Step 7

▪️Stick the butterflies on your frames - by first folding them in half around some tweezers.

You want to get a small flat bottom to place your glue, then you can bring some of the wings up when dry.

There is no pattern to this, so let loose and have some fun. Just bear in mind that you don't want to hide the words. If you have any leftovers, you can save them for the next project!

Step 8

Select your pictures to go in the frames

▪️As I said above, I have used our girlies here, however these would also look great with fairies, your family favourites or any pets. Whatever you chose.... glue these to the back of the frame.

Step 9

▪️Take a piece the of strong wide ribbon and stick this to the back of each frame.

You can cut it as long as you want - I think I cut mine about 3 inches long.

I find the Metal Edge Ruler that Craftmania has is brilliant here as it has a centre line with the same measurements each side, so you can make sure everything lines up perfectly...

▪️You can stick it down with Ultra Sticky Red Liner Tape to secure it first if you wish, but I just glued mine.

Then take a piece of the thin organza ribbon and make a loop.

Stick this behind the top picture - this is to hang it from.

Step 10

Finishing up.....

▪️Now glue on the backs of the frames so the Peach Parchment is on the outside.

Make sure you have plenty of glue around the ribbon areas - you don’t need to stick glue on the picture back just round the frame area.

Here I use some pegs to hold it together especially around the ribbon areas.

▪️When dry fluff up all the butterfly wings you can then using my favourite twinkles Aurora and sparkle them up they really twinkle in the sunlight :-)

I hope you enjoy making this it certain makes a wonderful gift .

Until next time .

Lynn x

Craftmania Shopping List......





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Lovely, Lynn. Such cute dogs!


Wendy Walters
Wendy Walters
Aug 31, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The butterflies work well , I can see the dogs chasing them lol . A great idea

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