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Jamie Rodgers Fairy Village Collection ~ With Love By Lynn Lewis

Jamie Rodgers Fairy Village Collection ~ With Love By Lynn Lewis | Craftmania Blog

Hello Crafters... happy Saturday!!

Today I'm sharing with you, Jamie Rodgers NEW Stencils from his Fairy Village Collection.

They are all gorgeous, however this one in particular has such exceptional detail... more the reason that I wanted to keep this card uncomplicated so that it didn’t take away from how lovely it is

Step 1

▪️Take your Bountiful Bouquet Stencil and some Woodware Stencil Tape and stick the stencil to a sheet of black card. I usually stick mine to my glass mat as well to keep it still.

▪️Next take Ranger's White Glacier Pigment Ink and a Blending Tool.

TIP - I find the Ranger's Mini Domed Blending Foams or Creative Expressions Smoothies ideal for this.

▪️Load up with your white pigment ink onto your Blending Tool and then pounce it all over your stencil. Keep going until it is all nice and white, and don’t miss any of those tiny flower stems... get right in there :-)

▪️Carefully remove the stencil; wash and dry it and then place it very carefully back over the stencilled area before sticking it back down again.

It’s just so it don’t get messy mixing mediums.

Step 2

▪️Take a jar of Cosmic Shimmer Icy Smoke sparkle Glaze and carefully spread it with your pallet knife all over the stencil, covering all the white bits and taking off any extra and placing back in the jar. Then remove the stencil and place your work somewhere to dry.

▪️Next take a scrap piece of black card and pounce it with white pigment ink, before spreading with a thin layer of Icy Smoke Sparkle Glaze. Set that aside to dry as well.

▪️Now, I know you can speed up the drying process with the help of a Heat Tool, and that's ok if you don't need to cut it out, however I tried this and although it was touch dry it was not dry enough to go through the die cutting machine as I soon found out lol. So I left them to dry over night..

Step 3

▪️Get yourself a 7x7 white card blank and stick a piece of black card measuring 16cm x 16cm on it.

Then stick a piece of white card 15cm x 15cm on top of the black to create your mat.

▪️Now take the stencilled piece along with some white ribbon - I chose to use a satin sheer ribbon so you could still see the stencilled flowers through it.

Stick the ribbon as seen around the stencilled piece, and then stick it onto the matted card.

Step 4

▪️Take the scrap piece of card you glazed the night before and die cut your ballerina fairy from it.

▪️I went through forward and reverse in my machine and placed a piece of card on top as well.

Now, from the Fairy Wishes Collection, take the sentiment "With Love" and cut it from the

same piece....

▪️Now you can stick them in the black circle of the stencilled piece as seen 📸

▪️Finish your card with a bow under the circle and stick on with a Hot Glue Gun.

You really won’t believe how sparkly this Glaze is when it’s dry.... I can’t seem to get one decent picture of it lol typical .


Stencilling used to scare me a little when I first started crafting, however it’s just a matter of practicing! At the end of the day, the worst you can do is lose a sheet of card.... so have a go if you haven’t before you will probably surprise yourself!!

Please remember to share your makes with us on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers.

Until next time .

Happy stencilling

Lynn x

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