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Jamie Rodgers In and Out Collection ~ Bauble Fairies by Lynn Lewis .


Today's project happens to be a shaker card made with a, In an Out die set to show you they can be used for other things along with Christmas Fairies decorating the tree.

My pictures are a bit sparse and not great so bare with me and I’ll explain how to make it.

Step 1

I used Jamie Rodgers square In and Out die set and cut a frame using the large whole square and the second one down in white Maya card

Then cut out the large one again as a whole square.

Take your frame and stick a piece of acetate to the underside of the frame and then take a foam roll and stick it to the underside of the frame 3 rows thick.

My foam roll is quite thick.

Step 2

Take the whole square and make a background. I used the Oakwood glitter pens

by scribbling them on my glass mat spray with water and sponging on the card.

I used Turquoise first then Amethyst followed by black but very diluted.

You will find it dries very sparkly and is a great way to make a background if you don’t like using or have ink pads.

Next using a little white acrylic paint diluted on a brush, tap onto the background lightly, you can use a gel pen and dot it around if you prefer.

Next, take the shimmering snowflakes companion colouring stencil and a blending tool with white pigment ink and pounce it over a few of the small snowflakes over the background then take the Detail white embossing powder and apply to the snowflakes and heat emboss..

You can of course use die-cut snowflakes if you would rather.

Step 3

Cut from Jamie Rodgers Festive collection a Swirly Snowflake Christmas tree in green non shedding glitter card and decorate it with glue and sparkle shakers in Cherry Red, Gold Flame and Silver Rainbow and add white pearls.

Then cut two fairies from the Floral dwelling set, as seen, and use the same glitters on them -one red and one green.

I coloured their skin with a pink pencil from the Studio colouring pencil pack and glitter pens gold and fawn for her hair.

Step 4

Centralise the Christmas tree and stick it to the background .

Now at this point I stuck my fairies on pads next to the tree, this was the WRONG thing to do as I should have stuck them flat like the tree because the balls keep getting stuck on them.

So stick yours flat :)

There’s also a little moon in the same set of dies so cut this and colour with the gold glitter pen and stick to the background.

Step 5

Place some of the sparkly snow balls in the frame - pick out the big ones then stick the background you’ve just made to the frame.

Next I dabbed some glue over the frame with my finger and sprinkled some Gold Flame sparkle shaker glitter then when that’s dry stick on loads of the balls as seen with Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue .

When dry take some red liner tape and go all the way round the shaker frame with it then take some of the white ribbon and stick it around the frame.

I made my card base with red card it’s almost the same size as the shaker frame so it stands up lovely.

Take the white ribbon again and make a double bow then stick it on the centre of the card top with a hot glue gun.

To finish, cut a sentiment and backing from Jamies pierced collection and stick it as seen.

I used the Merry Christmas background that I cut down thinner with the die and the words from Festive Wishes.

Hope you enjoyed the Bauble Fairies.

Until next time,

Lynn x

Craftmania Shopping List...



Oakwood Glitter Pens


Sparkle Shakers

Card & Paper


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