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Jamie Rodgers In And Out Collection ~ Christmas Love By Lynn Lewis

Jamie Rodgers In And Out Collection ~ Christmas Love By Lynn Lewis | Craftmania Blog

Hello Crafters....

There's always that someone special that deserves a card with some love at Christmas....

I know my Son-In-Law will pinch this one as soon as he sees it lol :-)

Today we are using the Heart Set from Jamie Rodgers 'In And Out Craft Die Collection!

✅Also check out Jamie Rodgers YouTube Channel ~ there's a designated Playlist especially for this Collection. Find a host of tutorials and ideas. Click the link below.

Step 1

▪️Using white card, cut out one In And Out Heart with the 4 dies as seen in the first picture below📸

Then cut out the solid heart on its' own in white card, plus the smallest whole heart too.

▪️Next, take a pink pen from your Nova Dual Brush Tip Pen Set, and brush it over a tile or glass mat. Spray with a little water and sponge over half of the plain heart (as seen in picture).

Keep sponging and adding more ink from the pen until you get the colour and effect you want!

TIP - I use a real sponge - lightly dampened because it adds better texture.

▪️Colour choice is completely yours.... it can be red, purple or as the saying goes

"anything your heart desires" lol!!

▪️Again, take the In And Out Heart and cut out the centre heart half (KEEP THIS) and miss the next one up, cutting the one out above that.

TIP - I find using a metal edge ruler and a craft knife helps here

▪️Colour the half heart as you did before, and then take the 'mini heart' you cut out and colour it directly with the pink pen so that it’s darker.

▪️Add foam pads on the underside of the In And Out Heart.

📝 NOTE - DO NOT use deep foam pads here. Stick it to the whole heart as seen in Picture 1📸

Step 2

▪️Take a scrap piece of card and sponge it like the heart.

▪️Now take a 6x6 White Card Blank and fold back the front half and burnish with a Bone Folder

(as seen in picture 2).

▪️Trim and fit the piece you coloured and stick it on.

Step 3

▪️Put some glue onto the back of the heart (but only the side that is going to stick onto the pink folded back side). Adhere it as seen in Picture 3

▪️Stick on the half heart you coloured and flatten. Then with the little half heart, add foam pads onto the side that is deep and glue onto the other before sticking that down.


▪️Cut out some of Jamie Rodgers Rippled Poinsettias

▪️You will need - 2 large, 1 medium and then 2 of the next size down.

▪️Colour these with the same colour sponge technique on both sides, and shape before sticking the layers together.

Step 4

▪️Stick the Poinsettia to the front of the card (as seen in Picture 4 📸 )

▪️From the same die set, cut out some holly leaves using Green Maya Card.

To give you an idea, I used about 9 here.

▪️Paint these with green from the Cosmic Shimmer Watercolour Palette - Carnival Brights

▪️Shape and stick these underneath your Poinsettia so that you don’t cover the centre heart.

▪️Add silver mirror card foliage.... here I used Sue Wilson's die set below - perfect for those finishing touches. I also stuck in some of the little pine cones too :-)

To finish add your sentiments....

▪️I opted for one of my favourites - "With Love" from Jamie Rodgers Sentiments Collection - Essentials 2.

▪️I cut it from a scrap piece of card left over from the card that was sponged earlier.

I stuck on the heart front.

▪️Then on the inside- back of the card, I glued a sheet from the beautiful Glittered Paper Pad Pastel Ombré A4. I cut one of the sheets down which had the most pink in it!!

▪️Then using Jamie Rodgers Festive Collection - Essential Sentiments, I cut out "Happy Christmas" in white and stuck that as seen in Picture 4 📸

I found a little pink heart gem in my stash and glued it onto the heart along with some pink gems in the Poinsettia.

I really enjoyed making this one for you... so I'm hoping you like it and give it a whirl :-)

I personally find colouring elements with a sponge, when using pens much quicker. These pens are so versatile and give you the options of changing the colour depth and appearance.... there's not many pens you can do this with :-)

Take care for now

Lynn x

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